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About the Citizen of the Year Award

The Order Sons of Italy’s Italian Canadian Citizen of the Year Award was first presented in 1971 and been awarded annually every fall since 1975. To date, it has been awarded to over 30 distinguished individuals of the Italian-Canadian community having achieved recognition and distinction locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. The spirit of the award honours those Canadians of Italian descent who, through their service, charitable efforts and personal achievements have made a positive impact on the world in which we live and in doing so have strengthened the profile of the Italian-Canadian community.

This year’s recipient will be honoured at a Gala Award Dinner this fall (November 23, 2013) at Liuna Gardens.

If you know of someone you feel should be recognized for their achievements and wish to nominate them please review the nomination criteria (below) and complete the nomination form that can be found HERE

Nominations can be submitted via email to COYnominations@sonsofitalyhamilton.org

The deadline for nominations is Tuesday April 30th, 2013.

Guidelines for the Selection Process
  • Call for nominations will open at the start of January of every year
  • Nominations are accepted up to April 30th and the committee will meet prior to the Trieste Lodge May General Meeting to select the recipient.
  • The selected recipient will be notified by May 31st and announced to the public no later than the Trieste Lodge June General Meeting.
  • Nominees’ names are held by the Selection Committee for a total of three years. If your nominee is not selected within this timeframe, you are welcome to re-nominate them for consideration by the selection committee for an additional three years.

Nomination Criteria

In order for an individual to be considered as a candidate for the Order Sons of Italy Italian Canadian Citizen of the Year Award:

  • Nominee is a Canadian of Italian descent
  • Nomination form must be completed
  • Detail the outstanding achievements that should be considered and how they embody the spirit of this award.
  • Two sponsors must be provided with the nomination (include name, phone number and email address (if available) who can be contacted for additional information, if required.
  • Nominations must be submitted by April 30th
  • Nominations can be submitted via email to COYnominations@sonsofitalyhamilton.org

2013 COY Selection Committee

Robert Skaljin (Chair)
Guido DiCesare
Ralph Vitello
Carmine Filice
Joe Monachino
Frank Merolli
Frank Raso
Loris Pilot
Joseph Baiardo