Order Sons of Italy

Hamilton - Trieste Lodge

About SOI

Mission Statement

A fraternal organization of Canadians of Italian heritage, we work together to achieve the following purposes:

SERVICE & CHARITY: To assist the needy, the ill, and disabled through financial support, the provision of housing, and other support programs.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: To encourage the active participation of our members in the political, social and economic life of our community; to participate in programs combating discrimination, racism, and social injustice.

HERITAGE: To promote and preserve the Italian language, culture, and traditions in our country.


1. To enroll in its membership all persons of good character who are of Italian birth, or descent, or married to a person of Italian birth or descent, regardless of religious faith or political affiliation, who believe in the fundamental concept that society is based upon the principles of law and order, and who adhere to a form of government founded upon the belief in God and based upon the proposition that all men are created equal.

2. To promote and further the education of its members and their moral, intellectual and material well being.

3. To uphold the concept of Canadianism.

4. To encourage the dissemination of Italian culture in Canada and the teaching of the Italian language in High Schools, Community Colleges and Universities.

5. To encourage the active participation of its members in the political, social and civic life of our communities.

6. To keep alive the spiritual attachment to the traditions of the land of our ancestors and to urge its members to engage in community projects and affairs.

7. To promote the retention and promulgation of all beautiful and meritorious elements of our heritage.

8. To assist the needy, ill and disabled.

9. To unite the people of Italian birth or descent in a common band of brotherhood and to actively participate in programmes aimed against discrimination, racism, and social injustices